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Our History


Our History

Shri Bhagaram Borana started a firm, LAXMI AGENCY in 1991. The product of the company was loose tea. Over the period of time, people started liking our loose tea and purchase with the name of loose tea.

Due to popularity of the productm, other businessmen also began selling same product in the name of loose tea. Because of the copy right, New Product "SHER BAKRI" had been launched in 1993. Sher bakri also started flourishing in the market, then this product had been registered in 1998 and this product also got copyright so other can not sell same product with the same name in the market.

Owing to good quality, government certified this brand and provided ISO Certified.

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About Us

To fresh and keeps you warm or cools in a day and cheers you up or clams you down in a day and charge you forever, have at least Three cups of Sher Bakri Tea in a day. Our blends itself proven since long back particularly in Western Rajasthan. Our blends contains only and only the tea of Assam which is backed by four decade of blending expertise with natural sources of strength and color.